Kickstarter Backer Theme Songs Volume 1




In 2015, VStheUNIVERSE ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for "The Geek Show" A Nerdy Variety Talky Thing!
These songs were written and recorded as backer rewards for the successful Kickstarter campaign. Each song was created specifically for each backer.
Bundle of the first 12 Kickstarter Backer theme songs.


released September 8, 2016

Lyrics By: Aaron Amendola
Music By: Sam Begich
Performed By: VStheUNIVERSE



all rights reserved


VStheUNIVERSE Chicago, Illinois

VStheUNIVERSE is a group of writers, actors, and producers who embrace their inner geek and showcase it in their art. They know who shot first, who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, the quandary of Schrödinger's cat, and all about the Konami code.

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Track Name: Matt Peters (Cast A Day)
He Came
from another planet to bring the funk
So put on your earbuds and get in your bunk
It’s Cast A Day, it’s here to stay, don’t act like a punk.
It’s Cast A Day, come sail away, and now let’s get krunk.
Track Name: Ryan Bond
Business in the front
Party in the front
What has this world spawned?

He wields a sword of fire
And I heard that he can swim.
He travels far beyond

He’s shooting lightning out of his eyes
And Ryan
Screams across the skies.

Track Name: Glenn Carrere
A glen is a long kind of valley
We heard you grew up in L.A. Calli
Baddies look out when you’re walking down an alley

At night, for evil he is on patrol
By day he’s grilling up the rock and roll
He’ll hide his talents till the bad guys come
And boy he sure is handsome
Track Name: Caitlin Rosberg (Unpopular Opinions)
Unpopular Opinions racing through my mind
I like Batman Vs. Superman, I think Zack Snyder’s cool
And in the Marvel Civil War I bet Rhodey would rule
I try to tell my friends and folks that I’m just a bit old school…
Unpopular Opinions.
Track Name: Meghan Burke (Stand Up)
Got my path in life never stop running
Got my goals and I’ll never stop gunnin’
Things are bad but you don't have to take it
Cuz when you’re Meg you know you’re gunna make it
Hold on tight / don’t let go
If it can be done you know you have tried it
Show your talent! Just refuse to hide it

Stand up! Fuck the haterz!
Stand up! Say see ya laterz!

Your favorite colors are purple and green
You are so much more badass than Wolverine
Track Name: Michi Trota
Pour some gas on the flame
This fire cannot be tamed
Twin swords besting any blade
Wielded by a dancer wearing jade

I’m warning you ‘cause there’s a lot at stake
Ancient warriors lie dead in her wake
If you’re scared my friend, just ask around
Michi Trota’s coming to your town
Track Name: Allex Hernandez
Here she comes right now
Quick around the bend
Excited for new things
Ahead of all the trends
Flying through the air
Chasing down a dream
She’s been to Ireland
And the next is Italy

Allex is flying away
Track Name: John Craig
Some people think they are kings
but few actually wear a crown.
Others choose to write in pencil
They never use a marker.

John Craig!
He’s a professional curmudgeon!
John Craig!
He’s Chicago’s Peter Parker
John Craig!
Look out for the man
John Craig!
Spiderbat coming for ya!
Track Name: Paul Bork
You gotta run run run, run from the animal
Run run run Paul
It's got murder in its eyes. Run Away!

It’s a hell-made fang-bearing demon of a groundhog
And it’s got your scent.
It’s a hell-made fang-bearing metaphor you made up
Time to repent.

You gotta kill kill kill kill Paul
Gotta kill the metaphor
You gotta run run run Paul.
Anna’s waiting for you.

Run run run and kill kill kill
You gotta run run run run run kill
You gotta run run run
The groundhog is a metaphor
Track Name: Shannon
Oh Shannon! Shannon is the name you were given
Oh Shannon! I know you as someone more driven.
Track Name: Mike Chuck
Have ya heard the story of ol’ McChuck?
The dastardly gamer who don’t give a fuck?
He scurried the gold from everyone’s booty
And got him a wife of immeasurable beauty.
Here’s to McChuck! Here’s to McChuck! Hurray!