Kickstarter Backer Theme Songs Volume 3




In 2015, VStheUNIVERSE ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for "The Geek Show" A Nerdy Variety Talky Thing!
These songs were written and recorded as backer rewards for the successful Kickstarter campaign. Each song was created specifically for each backer.
Bundle of the THIRD and Final Kickstarter Backer theme songs.


released December 14, 2016

Lyrics By: Aaron Amendola
Music By: Sam Begich
Performed By: VStheUNIVERSE



all rights reserved


VStheUNIVERSE Chicago, Illinois

VStheUNIVERSE is a group of writers, actors, and producers who embrace their inner geek and showcase it in their art. They know who shot first, who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, the quandary of Schrödinger's cat, and all about the Konami code.

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Track Name: Kevin Fair
He plays games, in the red white and blue
Don't lay blame if he’s coming for you
Be aware
Say a prayer
Better hope that you’re square
They'll be nothing left when he's through
Track Name: Jessica Kent
“Now presenting, Jessica Kent’s secret to happiness”

I hope you pet
every dog that you see
I hope you dream of being
Someone I know you could be

Pet every dog!
(Pet every dog!)
Scruff every cat!
(Scruff every cat!)
Pet every dog!
….and wear a fun hat!
Track Name: Laura Marsh (Mac Attack)
I’ll gunna climb climb climb till you get to the top
I’ma Fill up this Diaper 'til its ready to pop
So gimmie a nice pair of boobies cuz I'm ready to feed
Don’t get in my way or your gunna bleed

Oh Look Out for
You Gotta Brace Yourself for
Track Name: Caitlyn Rowe
The blue skys are above you now, don't hide away
The power is inside of you
Almost Today
Track Name: Rohan Mitra
You seem so true, but not quite
The demons inside you want to fight
(Do you want to rule the world?)
I though you might
Nose licker, ball sac sitter
Do you read Reddit on the shitter
I though you might
Track Name: Jess Emerson
Prop up your drink
Get another pour
Jess is gonna kick down your door!
Get your bourbon county
Tap that zombie dust
Don’t throw that liquid back
It’s not meant to be rushed.

It’s all about the Links you make along the way.
It’s ditching work for fun and play

That’s Jess’s Way
Track Name: Steven Fodor
You don’t have to grow up.
Take my hand, stay this way forever.
The weather’s turning rough
We’ll fly, we’ll fly away.

Nothing’s gonna be faulty now.
We are gonna last forever.
Nothing’s gonna stop us tonight.
We are gonna last forever.
Track Name: Brendan Riley
He’s the best, the primo, prime select
Your grammar better come correct
If a man can handle Minnesota Cold
You know you've got a fella who’s spicy *AND* bold.

Brendan Riley!
Track Name: Mitch (A Love Song for Jennifer Lawrence)
OH! Jennifer!
We want to tell you Mitch really likes you.
OH! Jennifer!
He wants to take you out to dinner.
OH! Jennifer!
He’ll probably even pay even though you don’t need that chivalry and could do it anyway.
OH! Jennifer!
We’re just an impartial third-party!
OH! Jennifer!
Mitch seems like a real nice guy!
OH! Jennifer!
He liked your work in Hunger Games!
OH! Jennifer!
Just give this kid a chance.
Track Name: Marnie Thompson
You never see the big picture
Until you pull every stitch
You’ll hardly think you did it all
If you ever switch
All your plans
All your dreams
You gotta plant your feet and scream

Here I am!
My goddamn name is Marnie!
Here I am!
And I’ll make you proud of meeeeee!
Track Name: Derik Iverson
His Name Is Derik Iverson
We're pretty sure he's from Minnesota
Facebook tells me he's your "Sexy Latin Lover"
And our mutual friend Nicole was in one of our sketches once
And he works for Bonobos
Track Name: Thomas Glen & Tim Sauerman
Two for one, two for one,
With Thomas and Tim you get a two for one
Two best buds out there rocking the world
Bringing the joy to the boys and the girls

Rocking' It All Night Long
Track Name: Travis Schachtner
In January 1973 A submarine was launched that would change the world, little did we know one of its crew was the most badass sailor ever

Travis, He aint gunna take your dookie
Travis, He's gunna clean up your community
Track Name: Shyam Rangaratnam
Howdy, welcome to the future
To this new land we have found
We all fly our rockets
The women look like Morena Baccarin

Shyam, he is the real genius
He saved us from the fall
Don’t be green with envy
He’s the greatest of them all